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Why is it so hard for younger mothers at work?

You may be in a job that doesn’t have the flexibility to accommodate children.

You may be working for someone who doesn’t have children yet.

Co-workers or seniors may feel you didn’t put in your time or that it’s not your turn.

Your peers are at a very different life stage than you.

Your manager may be a parent or have just become one.

So what if you are a young mother in the workplace? What can you do?

Don’t feel like you didn’t wait your turn.

Be sensitive to the fact that most of your peers, or maybe even your manager, aren’t at your life stage.

If your manager is a new parent, let them lead the conversation when it comes to talking about kids.

Seek out and work for organizations that have many parents as employees.

Try to become the boss before you have your first, even if you’re young.

Being a young mother at work is tough, but remember — you’re in good company. I had my first child and 29 and second child at 32 and I have personal experiences with the challenges I shared here. I hope sharing my story and this advice will help other young mothers, and soon-to-be young mothers, in the workplace.

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